Articles, Allegories, and Short Stories

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Effective Organizations

"Elements of Effective Organizations" (2017)
A model of the key elements of organizational effectiveness


"Ethics & Leadership" (2017)
A short article on ethical issues and confirmation bias.

"Strengths Based Leadership" (2008)
A Synopsis and Author(s) Interview

"The 4F Factors: Are You Qualified?" (2002)
A perspective

"The Hidden Costs of Leadership" (2006)
A perspective paper

"At the Boundary: A Leader's Dilemma" (2000)
A leadership topic article

High Potential Leaders

Here are a couple of references concerning high potential leaders. The first is a blog about the notion of high potentials. The second is a summary of a research study on high potentials using the Leadership Effectiveness Analysis 360º Survey.

"Create hipos yourself" (Herman Van Herterijck blog)

"What Characterizes High Potential Leaders?" (MRG research)

"High Potentials and Leadership Agility" (CCL research)


"Hero or Villain: The Legend of Louie"
An article about an ordinary guy who did extraordinary things

"Telltale Signs of Poor Communication" (2003)
A list of things that can derail attempts to communicate effectively in an organization


10 Things You Did Today That Undermined Teamwork +
4 Things You Can Say Instead of Throwing a Teammate Under the Bus

"A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words and . . . " (2003)
An example of team innovation

"What Strong Teams Have in Common"(2009)
Gallup Management Journal


"Leading Change: Why Transformation Efforts Fail" (2002)
(No longer available. Harvard Business Review lawyers claimed a copyright violation because we told you too much about the article. We surrendered and canceled our subscription to HBR. That's okay because I now know how they were spending some of the money from subscriptions and think it is better spent elsewhere. So, that's what I'm doing.)

What If Our Organizations Won't Fly?:
An Allegory About What Happens When You Break Fundamental Laws

"14 Reasons Why Change Efforts Fail" (2003)
A list of the possibilities

"The Trail to Transformation: The Electric Boat Story" (2007)
A case study

"Adapting to Change or Vice Versa" (2001)
A Personal Perspective

Other Articles, Allegories, and Stories

"Strengths and Weaknesses: the Omega Framework" (2012)
A Different Way to Think about Strengths and Weaknesses

"Felix the Frog"
A Parable about Performance Improvement

"The Four Commandments" (1999)
A perspective on people

"Lessons for Leaders: The Donkey Allegory"
Adapted from an Internet document

"Who's Watching the Watchers?"(2002)
An ethics commentary

"The Whole May Be Less Than the Sum of Its Parts" (2000)
A fable About Not Working Together

"Mission - Vision - Values: Working Definitions" (2006)
A consulting paper

"Consensus Decision Making" (1998)
A consulting paper

"Anger Management Class for Ron Artest?" (2005)
An Alternative Proposal

"The Notion of Success" (2004)
From a Harvard Business Review article

"Benchmarking: We Only Want to be as Good as They Are" (2008)
An Opinion Paper

"Killing the Grass: Pathways to Corporate Excellence" (2009)
A Metaphor for "Listening"