Leadership Assessment is one key to effective coaching, development, and succession planning. We provide assessment, interpretation, and feedback for your organization. It can be focused on leadership development, career development, or organizational analysis. More important, assessment information can be used to construct a database that is critical to promotions, hiring, and leader succession.

Leadership & Professional Assessment

In working with executives, leadership teams, and high potential leadership programs, whether in a structured program or on an individual basis, assessment is a critical element of the process.

There are 1,000s of assessment tools on the market. Today, many of their owners or representatives will claim that they are the "best thing since sliced bread." That may be true. Or not.

There are three things to consider when incorporating assessment into your development strategy:

  1. The quality of the assessment instrument – what it measures and how well it measures it?
  2. The quality of the assessor – how well trained and experienced is the assessor?
  3. The quality of the application of the results – how will results be used in the development process?

We use only assessment tools—including structured interviews—that we know to be of high quality. Second, when we work with a client and use assessment, you can trust the experience of the professional and the quality of the application.

Assessment Tools

At present, Harshman & Associates, through our consultants or strategic partners, offers individual, team, and organizational assessments in the following areas:

Other assessment tools may be available if requested by the client.

Team Assessment

Assessment is often one of the steps in creating effective leadership, business group, or project teams. Assessments in these contexts can be used to help team members understand the strength of similarities (and sometimes the challenge) as well as the synergy of differences.

In recent years, we have made excellent use of a unique tool (iWAM) for assessing motivational and attitudinal factors in team members and using a group profile as a developmental and coaching tool. Clients have rated this tool and process as equally or more valuable than comparable experiences they have had with assessments such as the Myers-Briggs.

If you depend on a critical team in your organization and are considering a team development process, don't forget to think about the role of assessment in that effort.

Organizational Assessment

Over a 20-year period, we did several organizational "diagnoses". The aim was to create a picture of the organization's strengths, challenges, and opportunities as the basis for planning and organization development.

Today, at the organizational level, we focus primarily on the analysis of culture. Here, we use different assessments based on the goal of the assessment and the nature of the organization.

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