Organizational Change Strategies

"Everything is connected to everything else."

There are numerous models for change and change management. How do you choose the right one for your organization? The fact is: there is no one best strategy for change. In fact, the best way to create a strategy for your organization or business is to build one based, at a minimum, on the:

"If change was all that easy, anyone could do it."

Managing each element and the synergy among elements are the keys to effective, sustainable change in an organization.

Once the overall picture of what you want to be or do is clear and incorporated into the general strategy for change, change-related activities are typically aligned with one of four internal areas of focus:

♦ Developing and aligning leadership
♦ Developing effective communication for change
♦ Aligning motivational and reward systems
♦ Increasing employee engagement

Designing and managing change may be one of the most difficult challenges in the organization. Having the right template within which to design the change strategy and the right counsel at critical points in the process will be of tremendous help when the going gets tough.

"And just when you think you're done, you're not . . . because change is forever.

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