Strategic Relationships

Over the years we have formed a series of strategic relationships with other consulting organizations and individuals. These relationships allow us to provide a broader range of resources and deeper skill sets to our clients than might otherwise be possible.


Institute for Work Attitude & Motivation (iWAM Assessment and Certification; Motivation Research)
Valutis Consulting (Executive and professional assessment, consulting, and coaching services)
Management Research Group (LEA 360 Assessment)


Chuck Appleby - Appleby and Associates (Washington DC)
Meredith Kimbell - Corporate Adventures (Washington DC)
Ellen Moran - Leadership Dialogues (St. Louis, MO)
JoAnn Schindler - Working Alternatives (Seattle, WA)
Dan Seidman - Got Influence, Inc. (Barrington, IL)

We also have a number of international relationships with individuals based in several countries around the world. If you have a need and a location, let us know and we'll see if we can make a connection for you.