Strategic Planning

"Strategy without leadership goes nowhere; leadership without strategy has nowhere to go."

                                                                                                                                                      Carl L. Harshman

Strategy is Another Core Element of Organizational Effectiveness

Strategy is not about what you are doing every day; it is about why you do it just as strategy drives what you do and your mission defines why you do it.

A. How do you develop strategy for an organization? One ineffective way is a short-range "Ready-Fire-Aim" approach. You simply go about business throwing ideas against the wall to see what sticks. That approach may go hand-in-hand with a reactive organization which is always trying to fix what's going wrong.

B. Another form of strategy development is to keep doing what you've always done. That, as they say, will usually "get you what you always got," which won't be good enough in this fast-paced, highly competitive world.

C. You can mimic another organization's strategy. Take a look at what the competition is doing, conduct best practices studies, and hire consultants who have helped the other guys. This approach guarantees you'll be behind the competition's strategic curve. (But, hey, at least you've got a strategy.)

D. Or, you can create a strategy based on your mission and vision, what you know and can do best, and what will meet demand in the marketplace—whether you are a for-profit, not-for-profit, educational, or government organization.

Take your pick between 1-2-3 or 4.

What We Do and What We Don't Do

We are not "content" strategists. We will understand your industry, but we're not experts on it. So, if you're looking for someone to tell you what your strategy should be, it's not us.

We help you structure the strategic planning process and help facilitate that process.

We have tools to help you diagnose where you are on critical business or organizational issues, help you get clear about the key foundations (mission-vision-values), and help you organize the planning process to deliver a solid product.

For information on whether we might be able to help you, contact us.